when is it too windy for a bouncy castle?

Though jumping on a bouncy castle can be very fun and exciting, but we need to be aware of the safety rules first. A windy environment is very risky for a bouncy castle, as the castle can collapse on to itself any time. So, in this article, we are going to discuss when it is too windy for a bouncy castle. We’ll also discuss some of the safety rules regarding bouncy castle.

Fo bouncy castle, the maximum wind speed to withstand is 25 MPH. If the wind speed is more than that, you’ll have to close down the castle for everyone’s safety. Even, if the wind speed is more than 25 MPH, it can’t be turned on. Here at Bouncy Castle Hire Dublin, we give safety the highest priority above everything else. So, if there is a windy situation, we can’t respond to your order, for the safety of both of us.

Mandatory Testing

Recently, a death was reported of a 3 year old when enjoying the Bouncy Castle in Norfolk. Since the tragic incident, there are several safety laws placed into action that we all have to abide by:

  • Before setting out on a public event, the bouncy castle and all the slides need to be tested by a competent person. This is mandatory.
  • This inspection is mandatory once before first using the bouncy castle. After the first inspection, the castle needs to be checked once a year regularly.
  • There are mainly two major organizations that carry out the testings of Bouncy castle. They are RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) and PIPA ( Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation ).

The inspector or the inspecting organization will mainly check the following things in the bouncy castle:

  1. Internal air pressure
  2. if there are any rips or tears in the fabric
  3. how firm the walls and the towers are
  4. how many anchors there are and what is their condition
  5. quality of the blower
  6. check if there are enough mesh guards, etc.

Tagged Number

Every Reputable bouncy castle manufacturers produce each of their bouncy castles with a tagged number. The tagged number indicates that the bouncy castle has been tested for safety and maintains the industry-standard safety protocols.

Additional Protocols

Along with all the safety checks, some state puts emphasis on some other protocols for ensuring the safety. Such as, every bouncy castle must come with an operating instruction manual.

The manual will contain information on how many people can enter the bouncy castle at a time and what should be the highest height limit. These little things contribute a lot to prevent any type of unexpected accidents. According to HSE, the maximum wind speed for the bouncy castle is limited to 24 to 25 MPH and it cannot be budged.


So, you can imagine how important it is to be safe in the bouncy castle. The organizations issued these safety protocols to keep both you and us safe from unexpected accidents. Fortunately, if you order our service, you don’t need to bother about these protocols. We’ll do that for you here at Bouncy Castle Hire Dublin.

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