how to repair a bouncy castle seam?

If you often hire bouncy castle for your kid’s party, then it might happen that the castle got broken because of too much jumping. Most of the cases, the seam of the castle gets most of the hit. In such cases, if you know how to repair a bouncy castle seam, the knowledge would come in extremely handy.

In this article, we’ll offer you a definitive guide on how to repair a bouncy castle seam.

Ways To Repair Bouncy Castle Seam

We, Bouncy Castle Hire Dublin, receive many orders for bouncy castles every day. Sometimes, we also get calls for repairing a bouncy castle. To repair a castle, you’ll need certain things. Also, there are a few ways to repair the castle. We’ll talk about all of that in this section.

Needle and Thread Method

For this method, you’ll need the following ingredients

  • leather or denim needle
  • cotton thread
  • some pliers
  • scissors or sharp knife\

If the seam has got damaged for some reason, sewing it will be the most cost-effective repairing solution. However, if the damage is too severe, the repair can get too much time-consuming and tough.

The repair can be done through either getting inside the castle through one of the air vent zips or staying outside. Repairing being in the inside will bring the most effective result. Re-stitching the seam from the internal side will make it more stable. However, for repairing from the inside, the path to the seam needs to be clean and free from any obstacles. Otherwise, going through the air vent zips will cause too much hassle.

In the second way, you can stay outside the castle and pinch the separated area together. After pinching, you’ll need to sew over the whole section to repair the damage. If the needle gets too hard to move through the castle, use the pliers. They’ll help you to push the needle through the castle.

It is better to repair the seam in sections rather than doing it whole all at once.

Glue and Patches Method

For this method, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • canvas patches or PVC fabric
  • PVC vinyl glue
  • heat gun
  • brush
  • sandpaper
  • roller

Patching the torn out part with PVC fabric and glue is a very quick and easy fix. It doesn’t demand a lot of time. However, the repair is not as durable as the first method. First, you’ll need to take the PVC fabric and cut it to the correct size. The size needs to be at least 20mm larger than the damaged area.

Use the brush to apply the glue evenly throughout the whole patch of the fabric. Also, brush the glue over the torn out area so that the two pieces get attached well. Use the heat gun gently to heat the attached pieces so everything comes around nice and tight.


These two are the most used methods for repairing bouncy castle seams. I hope any of the two will come in handy to you if you ever need to repair the seam of a bouncy castle.

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