How To Clean A Bouncy Castle?

We know bouncy castles are so fun and all, but the thing we don’t give enough attention to is if the bouncy castle is clean or not. Many of us just use a bouncy caste day after day without really thinking about if it can affect the health of our child. So, in this article, we are going to present a definite guide on how to clean a bouncy castle.

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need To Clean Bouncy Castle?

Kids laugh, jump and play in the bouncy castle. Their sweat starts to accumulate on the surface of the castle. Moreover, as many kids are playing on the castle at the same time, germs can really gather at the castle.

So, if you continue to let your kids play in a dirty bouncy castle, there will be a very high chance of your kids catching these germs and falling sick. Also, the whole practice is unhealthy and may pose your kids to lots of harmful effects.

That’s why you need to clean the bouncy castle regularly. By regularly, I don’t mean every single day. All I am saying is the castle needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, like every other week or so.

ingredients You Will need

Here are the ingredients listed out for cleaning a bouncy castle:

  • Soap (Any type, preferably dish soap)
  • Rags for cleaning
  • Water
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle


  1. First, we’ll need to make a disinfectant solution. There are lots of disinfectant solutions in the market. But most of them are chemical-based. We recommend not to go for a chemical-based disinfectant as it might cause harm to the kids. That’s why we’ll make a natural disinfectant that will pose no harm to the kids. Take 3 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar and mix with those 2 tablespoons of dish soap. mix well until everything dissolves. Our natural disinfectant is ready for use.
  2. Now the work is intuitive. You need to put the disinfectant inside the spray bottle. Now spray the solution all over the bouncy castle. Make sure every surface has received the solution. You can double spray the spots where the kids play most often.
  3. While spraying, you’ll take a piece of clean rag and wipe the solution off the castle’s surface. Do so until you’ve wiped off all the bouncy castle.
  4. Now, leave the bouncy castle untouched in the open air until everything dries out. This is important because after spraying with the solution, some of the surfaces can still remain wet and slippery. If not allowed to air dry, serious accidents can happen. So, make sure the castle is dried well before the kids start to play again.

So, this is how we recommend cleaning a bouncy castle. If you are hiring a bouncy castle, make sure the company cleans its product as seriously as we do. Whenever a client orders our service, we provide him with the healthiest bouncy castle we have at our disposal. That’s why, our company, Bouncy Castle Hire Dublin has won the hearts of many kids as well as their parents.

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