can i go on a bouncy castle when pregnant?

There are no laws about pregnant women and them using bouncy castles. However, should pregnant women use bouncy castle? In this article, we are going to share our two cents in this matter.

Here at Bouncy Castle Hire Dublin, we don’t encourage pregnant women to use bouncy castles. There are lots of reasons for that:

  • First of all, there will be many more other kids on the castle. If someone knocks you over while jumping, it can get really serious for your baby. This can happen because inside the bouncy castle, everyone is jumping and no kids care if there is another adult pregnant women with them or not.
  • While jumping, you can knock over a kid and fall on to him. Can you imagine you knocking over a 3 year old and falling on with a 150 pound weight? It would be tragic!
  • Too much jumping in the bouncy castle can make you feel dizzy and it might not be good for the baby.
  • You can wet yourself with all that jumping around the bouncy castle.
  • Most bouncy castles have a weight and height limit for each person. Being pregnant that you are, you might cross the weight limit of the bouncy castle.

When It Is Okay To Go Inside The Bouncy Castle?

Though we have asked pregnant women not to use the bouncy castle, there are some instances when you can get inside the bouncy castle. Suppose your 3 year old is inside the castle and not responding to your calls. Then you can go inside and bring him home. Or suppose, some older kids are putting pressure on your little ones and bullying him. Then it is your duty to rescue your baby from those bullies. Other than these instances, there is really no reason for you to go inside the bouncy castle and make yourself all dizzy.


I know this article can be a real bummer for all those pregnant women. However, it is required for the safety of your baby and yourself. Above all, you can enjoy jumping in the bouncy castle as much as you like when you are no more pregnant, right?

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